Dumroot Dum Adai Combo

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Get the Dum Adai or Dumroot Combo consists of Dhamadai 500g, Nanagathan 500g, and Injikothu 500g for just Rs. 999 with free delivery. Enjoy traditional delicious flavors at an unbeatable price! Buy Today! Taste the homemade traditional snacks!

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Dhamadai 500g
Nanagathan 500g
Injikothu 500g

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Dumroot or Dumroot Cake is a classic, rich, delicious and traditional sweet which is unique to the state of Tamil Nadu, particularly Thanjavur region Muslim cuisine. Dhamrood is a cake rich that is made with pure Rawa, ghee, Egg, Sugar and cashew.


Inji Kothu Paniyaram: Inji Kothu / Pinnal Paniyaram Muslim Traditional snacks and famous during EID / Ramadan / Bakrid or any special occations like marriage. Inji kothu paniyaram is also called as ribbon paniyaram or pinnal paniyaram. It is one of the tasty snacks made out of maida and thick coconut milk and ghee.


Nanagathan / Nankhatai / Gnanakatha Biscuit is a popular and traditional Indian shortbread cookie. Nanagathan / Nankhatai / Gnanakatha are shortbread biscuits originating from the Gujarat region of the Indian subcontinent, popular in Northern India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar and Tamil Nadu (Thiruvarur and Thanjavur Region). Main ingredients: Wheat flour, Rice flour, Butter, Sugar, Milk, Salt, Baking Powder


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