Dhummadai or Dumroot cake is a traditional home-made sweet dish popular among Chennai, Tanjore & Thiruvarur & Nagapattinam region Muslims. Dhammadai traditional homemade Dumroot starting at Rs 300 on Online.


Dhummadai or Dumroot Cake is a classic, rich, delicious and traditional sweet which is unique to the state of Tamil Nadu, particularly Thanjavur region Muslim cuisine. dhummadai is a cake rich that is made with pure ghee and nuts such as cashew, almonds, and pistachio.

Dhummadai is a Rava (Sooji) based ghee cake with eggs and ghee which is a sweet cake soft inside and crusty top.

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Weight 1 kg
Dumroot Cake

Dumroot 500gms, Dumroot 250gms, Dumroot 1KG


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